30 Things To Do

Ocean City, Maryland has a lot more to offer than just one of the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Coast. Looking for other things to do? Just take a look at these 30 Things To Do In OC. We have provided web links to many of them for your information and convenience.

Play Golf
At the Sea Bay Hotel you can ask for Malcolm or Jim.
We would be happy to recommend a course and book your tee time.

Website: www.seabayhotelgolf.com

Offshore Fishing
Experience World Class offshore fishing.

Website: www.ocfishing.com

Dine Out at One of Our Great Restaurants.

Website: www.ocean-city.com/restaurants/


Shop ‘Til You Drop.

Website: Boardwalk | White Marlin Mall | Rehoboth Outlets

Play Tennis
Play Tennis Day or Night at Ocean City Tennis Center on 61st
Street & Bayside directly across the street from the Sea Bay
Hotel lobby.
Assateague Island National Seashore
Visit Beautiful Assateague Island National Seashore.

Website: www.assateagueisland.com/

Ocean City's Night Life
Enjoy Ocean City’s Night Life (and it ain’t too bad during
the day either…) in one of the top 10 Bars on the
East Coast, “Seacrets.”

Website: www.seacrets.com | Other great night spots in Ocean City

Watch the Sunset
Book one of our Bay front rooms and enjoy the sunset. Or take a
short walk from the Sea Bay Hotel to Fagers Island and enjoy your
favorite cocktail with an Ocean City sunset.

Website: www.seabayhotel.com | www.fagers.com

Play Miniature Golf
It’ll bring out the Tiger in You! Take the Entire Family.

Website: www.golflink.com

Eco Tour
Take a Guided Kayak.

Website: coastalkayak.com/your-tour-eco-tour/

Speedboat Ride
Take an Exhilarating speedboat ride.

Website: www.ocean-city.com/cruises

Boat Cruise
Take a Leisurely Boat Cruise.

Website: www.ocean-city.com/cruises

Pirate Boat Adventure
ARRRRRR Matey! Take the Kids on an Exciting Pirate
Boat Adventure. Go to Talbot Street Pier and look for
the Pirate Ship.
Jet Ski
Rent a jet ski.
Website: www.ocbaysiderentals.com
Fly a Kite

Go fly a kite.
Website: www.kiteloft.com

Eat What You Want!
You’re On Vacation! Eat What You Want! Like Candy!

Website: www.candykitchen.com

Build a Sandcastle

Build a Sandcastle.

Website: www.monkeysee.com

Parasail Ride
Go for a Parasail Ride an Expand Your Horizons!
Relax at a Spa. Give yourself a well deserved massage or facial!
Website: www.aperfectface.com
Ride the Rides

Take a Walk on the Wild Side and Ride the Rides.
Website: wwww.trimpersrides.com/

Race A Go Kart!
Turn Those NASCAR Dreams Into Reality. Race A Go Kart!

Website: www.jollyrogerpark.com

Learn to Surf

Show Your Kids That Anyone Can Surf! Learn to Surf and Enjoy
the Atlantic Ocean!

Website: www.atlanticbreezes.com

Play Volleyball
Get Off Your Butt and Get Some Exercise! Play Volleyball at
Dorchester Beach Volleyball Park.
Go Skateboarding
Go Skateboarding… Ocean City Skate Park, 302 St Louis Ave,
Ocean City, MD.
Rent a Bike
Rent a Bike and Ride the Boards…Dandy Don’s Old Town Bike
Rentals. 1109 Atlantic Avenue and Boardwalk.
Live Music Concert
Enjoy Live Music Concert on the Beach!…Every Wednesday
around 8PM you can enjoy a free concert at N. Division Street
and the Beach. July 11th through Sunday, Sept 2nd.
Sundaes on Sunday!
Enjoy Sundaes on Sunday! Have ice-cream sundaes with the
family every Sunday evening while watching the sun set over the
beautiful Assawoman Bay. Bring a picnic basket, beach chairs,
family, and friends to Northside Park at 125th Street and the Bay
for your favorite dessert and live entertainment. There is also
children’s entertainment present each week.
Bird Watching!
Bird Watching! Enjoy all the wildfowl and bird species on one
of the Atlantic Coast’s most beautiful and natural barrier islands.
Website: www.assategueisland.com
Rent a Small Boat!

Take the kids fishing or just take the family for a ride in the Bay.
Rent a Small Boat!

Website: www.bahiamarina.com

Minor League Baseball Game
Take Me Out to the Ball Game! In about 30 minutes you can go to an
Orioles’ Minor League Baseball Game at Shorebird’s Stadium in
Salisbury. See their website for scheduled home games.

Website: web.minorleaguebaseball.com